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    Coldfusion Report Builder (loop) technique


      I am very happy with the introduction of the Coldfusion Report Builder. The reports generated are professional. The current problem that I am having is the following:

      I have a query of where the resultset has a customer associated to one specfic store room, and also a customer with several store rooms associated to that person.

      When i run the report builder for just the one customer to one specfic store, my report builder report is perfect.
      I then wanted to run a cfloop so that the same report generated would generate for the customer and each store room. So if Ihave a customer with 4 stores associated to the name, I want the report builder to run 4 times independently outputting 4 independent reports. Report builder in the loop runs the first report (one rendering only) and I do not get an error or ever get the last 3 reports to generate.

      Perhaps a limitation, but can anyone think of a technique that I do as as work around to get the same result?