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    need tutorial on paint


      I am filming a sequence in a gymnasium using spotlights and I have an exit sign in the background that I woould like to remove.Could some one direct me to a tutorial thst would give me step by step info. to remove the sign? Can you use paintbrush to paint it out or the roto tool to cut a hole and replace it with a black background? I am having trouble rendering anything that works.thanks john

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          It's hard to know what technique would work best with only a vague description of the shot, but a good place to start would be to learn how to use the Clone Stamp tool.


          This video from the After Effects: Learn By Video series shows how  to combine motion tracking and the Clone Stamp tool to remove an object  from a scene.


          I recommend that you start here to learn After Effects.

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            shovel5000 Level 1

            Yes thank you that is a very helpful tutorial. Have you you ever tried this technique? Everything seems to work fine until I get to the last stages where he gets

            down to the tracking information at the bottom. First his setup shows all of the tracking strokes that look uniform from left to right where as

            mine only displays a short one half inch black line (which is the color that I chose) . also it appears to be copying when I press CTRL-C

            but I cant tell if it pastes anything with CNTL-V. Then when I select PAINT from the drop down menu, no keyframes are painted

            on the layer. Also how does he get all of the tracking info boxes to convenetly drop down by clicking on the comp. footage when I have to

            work my way through all the drop down arrows to get to all the tracking information? I know these are tough questions to ask someone

            that is not sitting at my computer, I did watch the video about 10 times and write all of it down ,and I thank you for the help, you have been quite generous.