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    InDesign CS5.5 W7 Installer "Failed to Initialize" (Even in Safe Mode)


      Am unable to get ID to install on a FRESH install of W7.

      The installer is Set-up.exe with file creation date of 3/17/2011


      Attempting to install from Normal W7 boot-up Set-up simply locks with the progress bar under the double-L in "installing." I have left it sitting there for up to 30 minutes with no progress.


      Task manager is unable to kill either the install app or the process - but must shut down W7.


      In Safe Mode, eventually a message comes up about "Installer Failed to Initialize"


      Cannot find this err on the forums or faq. Adobe support is apparently closed for Labor Day. Also apparently my only support option is to call Adobe and wait for a call-back. Having a life, this does not seem ideal.


      Does anyone have any idea of what might be going on and how to solve the problem.


      At the moment am thinking of simply returning the program, and to continue to use PageMaker 7