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    Red Giant Plugins in CS5.5


      Ok I'm going to be painful detailed on this to try to find the right answer to my problems.

      I have Adobe CS 5.5 I upgrading After Effects separately before I bought the rest of the suite, I use to be a final cut pro owner. Instead of downloading all of my plug ins again. I made a Alias folder to transfer all of my plugins from Red Giant. Everything was good, then I upgraded to the suite and re downloaded the plugins for adobe premiere pro.

      Now here is the problem. When I open After Effects, it says that there are duplicates of my red giant plugins. I go through the MacHD>App Support>Adobe>Common>Plug-ins>CS5.5>Mediacore and bam! I do see the duplicates and drag them to my Alias folder. My Warning message are gone but so are my plugins in Adobe Premiere. It's a endless cycle of trying to find a way to keep my Plugins in Premiere without having that annoyed message come up every time I start After Effects. Is there a way I can turn it off, or just move my files so they can be seen in Adobe Premiere too.