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    Styling tables with CSS - tutorial/resource recommendations




      I am looking for a good resource (resources) for a beginner in web design on the subject of styling tables using CSS.


      I should be clear from the outset that what I want to do is to style a table that is indeed appropriately to be rendered as a table (table that displays types of legal problems, the kind of help available, and the appropriate resources --- hence a 3 by n. layout) .... so I am not trying to use tables to create a web design.  Indeed this is a table within a CSS driven layout.


      I have searched the forum and have seen some suggestions; sadly the links are all dead, and the references can't be found.


      If you are interested, the URL in questions is http://www.socls.org/testing/resources.html


      My hope is to remove as many of the XHTML tags or defining styling elements related to tables as possible and to replace them with CSS.


      My particular interest is in using CSS to pre-determine the width of columns.  In particular I am intrigued by the idea of establishing colgroups/col with id names and styling accordingly.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


      As always, thanks in advance.


      Steve Webster.