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    copying loaded content

      I have a project I'm working on that creates a slide presentation playback device, and one of the features is a 'magnifying glass' that allows users to more closely inspect a slide image. The magnifying glass works by loading a new, enlarged version of the current slide into a second layer, and masking that layer with a draggable 'magnifying glass' clip to hide everything not 'under the glass'.

      The problem is that after a user clicks on the magnifying glass button, the enlarged image takes a while to load over the network, leaving the impression for a few seconds that the function is broken. I'd like the enalrged image layer to use the already-loaded slide image from the main slide pane, but there seems to be no way to do this.

      Is there a method on the MovieClip class that would allow an instance that contains a JPG or other image loaded via 'loadMovie' to be copied into another movieClip instance, or perhaps just to copy the actual JPG content of the first clip to a new one where it could be enlarged?

      Thanks for any suggestions anyone might have.