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    Dynamic Link to AE: how to preserve clip handles?

    codexplorer Level 1

      Learning my way through CS5.5 using mostly online tutorials and blogs, I am starting to like what I am seeing.

      Right now however, I am struggling with something that I suppose is trivial but that I can't get around.


      I have a rough cut of clips in a sequence, with transitions between clips (in other words, I have set in and out points for all my clips).

      I am trying to stabilize clip 2, located between clip 1 and 2 in my sequence.

      I right click on it in the time line and chose "Replace with After Effect Composition". This brings the clip's part in between the in and out points into AE, in which I do what I need to. Now however, it appears that:


      1) my transitions have disappeared

      2) I cannot apply transitions anymore (as if my in and out points in the original clip have been forgotten).


      It does not help if I select the clip with the two transitions before I select "Replace with After Effect Composition", as they are in fact removed from the timeline and I end up with the same problem as above.


      What's the proper way to achieve what I want?