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    Flash CS4 Crashing When Compiling AS2


      Since I purchased flash CS4 (upgrading from flash 8), I have gradually shifted from writing code in AS2 to AS3. Now all of my projects are in AS3 except 1, it's an old legacy project written in such a way that conversion would be almost impossible.


      Earlier today I started to work on it and then tried to compile it causing flash to crash. After about an hour I realised that whenever I compile an AS2 project flash crashed. After trying to download patches, restarting countless times and searching the internet for similar bugs, I uninstalled and reinstalled flash. But to no avail, the bug persisted. So I decided to create an acount and post about the bug I encountered on this form, hoping that somone might know about it.


      OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 3 64

      Processor: AMD Athlon 64 bit