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    Rich blacks in proof mode look muddy and anemic

    cocteau3 Level 1

      I am preparing some PDF 1/xa files for a book cover which has a solid black background. When I create a PDF from my Indesign CS3 file, I use the presets for PDFX1-a, change the compression to none. The PDFs look great in Acrobat, which is set to use the same color space as Indesign which is:


      RGB : Adobe 1998

      CMYK: Destination US WEB SWOP v2


      preserve colors is on.


      Regardless, when I switch to "proof colors" in Indesign, the black, and the entire layout, including pictures, and colored text, becomes muddy and anemic. Likewise, in Acrobat, while viewing the PDF and when switching to "proof" colors, the same result.


      Certainly a rich black of 100K/50M/50C/40Y should print as a dense, solid, true black. If my proofing looks this bad, so will it look at press. I'm using amazon's print-on-demand system, so my proof is going to be the whole book. But, as expected, they give no real information about destination profiles for output. Yet, they specify the PDFx/1-a presets, which us the Swop v2.


      Good news would be "ignore the stupid 'proof colors' dialog box and don't worry about it. Rich black is rich black on any printer!"


      Bad news would be "something's messed up".


      Or, is there some issue beyond color management here? I've got the settings checked to create a smooth workflow, including the "color settings" in Indesign preferences. I cannot figure out what could be wrong, as I've printed things before and never had such a color problem while proofing colors. I use a well-calibrated imac G5 Mac.