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    Need text to speech in EPUB


      I need a conventional hardware / software solution so I can listen to, edit, cut and paste Epub books with DRM (from Library or purchased). Adobe Digital Editions isn't it! I am a student I need to be able to listen to a book, cut segments out and insert into my notes so I can listen to a review later and the files need to be available on my "mobile device" of choice.

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          CtDave Level 6

          DRM can preclude much, if not all, of what you want to do. That is, sort of , the point of DRM. Restrictions are established by the publishing house.

          As a student there may be a staff member at the school who deals with issues such as you face.

          Perhaps a discussion will identify alternatives to DRM processed PDF.

          Keep in mind that the various alternatives used at schools, like Digital Editions consumed products, are not going to function on 'every' device.

          So, the "mobile device of my choice" may be unrealistic.


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