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    Mysterious extract behavior


      This phenomenon is easiest to explain through images:


      It begins with two tracks enabled, in and out points set (image above). I want to perform an extraction on only Audio 5 and Video 2. I click the extract button, and...


      Instead of the freshly cut clips moving over to begin at the In Point, or simply starting at the Out Point, which would indicate a Lift was performed instead of an Extract, they jump to some strange, seemingly random new starting place. Not only that, but the audio clip does not even share the same new, random starting place with the video clip, they start at different times.


      The video/audio clips are not linked, nor does linking them change this behavior.


      What's going on here?

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Welcome to the forum.


          I think you're confusing Pr by trying to extract areas of the sync-locked tracks that have no media at all.  If you move the sequence in point to the in point of your audio clip and then extract, I think you'll find the extract operation behaves as you expect.


          I think Pr should handle the leading blank space better.  You should file a bug report:


          Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form



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            jessemk Level 1

            Moving the In Point to the beginning of the audio clip produces the same result. Interestingly, no matter how far to the left I place the In Point, I get the same result. If I lock all of the tracks except the two I'm modifying, then I get the behavior I expect.


            I'm going to file a bug report, but I'm having trouble reproducing this phenomenon by building up a sequence from scratch. Anyone else able to replicate this behavior?