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    XSLT file with process_data values

    kc@dafolo.dk Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have a process that takes in an XML file and some XSLT in another document variable and some process_data values from the main process.


      Inside this process I would like to invoke the XSLT on the XML and use the process_data values inside the XSLT. This works fantastic if I use the "template" setting for the XSLT and add some XSLT code like: <xsl:apply-templates select="{$/process_data/variableA$}.


      but if I copy the template and paste it in a xsl-file and tries to give this as input to the process I just get an "javax.xml.TransformerException: A location path was expected, but the following token was encountered: {".


      I know what the exception means, but how do I avoid this, so I can just create my XSLT (with the references to process_data) and make it work with the XSLT file as an input?


      I hope that someone has a take on this issue - as it is actually a general question on all services that can use a template...


      Thanks in advance


      Kim Christensen

      Dafolo A/S