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    black screen after splashscreen / iPad


      Hi all,


      I tried to add a splashscreen in my flex mobile project by adding the splashScreenImage attribute on my Application tag.

      My splashscreen is named splash.png


      When the 'Default.png' file is present, it works well, the application start with the 'Default.png'.

      ==> But just after this 'Default.png' splashscreen, we can see a black screen for 1 second juste before the 'splash.png' splashscreen appears


      Is it a known bug ?

      Is it possible to have the splashscreen visible unitl the complete loading of the app and see the 'splash.png' screen without the black screen stepe ? (as the native behavior)


      Thanks in advance for your feedback.



      PS : I ever tried to set splashScreenMinimumDisplayTime at 2000 or more. The issue is the same, always have this black screen.

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          Al_kashi Level 1

          No idea ? Really ?

          Does anyone ever note the same issue ?

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            Leafcutter Level 1

            Did you find a solution to this?  I have the same problem:


            My iPad app initially displays the Default-Portrait.png file on loading.  Then when the app gets control of the screen this file is removed automatically by the platform.  The first thing I try to display is a png file which is the same as Default-Portrait.png.  However there is a delay between the Default splash being removed and me being able to get the new screen displayed, causing a flicker.


            I don't seem to be able to get the correct resolution of the screen immediately at startup and so have to wait a fraction of a second before I can put the correct image up.  Seems like a bit of a problem if your app needs to do some work initially on startup and would like to keep the same splash screen in place.

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              Al_kashi Level 1



              No, didn't find any solution.

              I think there's no way to deal with that :/

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                Al_kashi Level 1

                So I finally manage to squeeze this black screen.

                Fort this, just rename the Default.png file to Default-Landscape.png file. Be sure to remove the Default.png file


                Maybe my case i particular coz I only handle the landscape mode in my app. (no portrait mode needed).

                But I think that the solution is to put only the Default.png files needed