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    Graphic card for video preview

    hippo potumus

      Hi there,


      One question: Is there any graphic card (NOT video card) that are able to display preview out from After Effects?


      Todays graphic cards has 2 DVI outputs and one HDMI and I want to those with two desktop monitors and one TV for preview. Is that possible?


      Please bare in mind that i don't want to use 3 desktop displays... like arranging desktop windows to display third monitor... i want a full screen tv preview.

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          bogiesan Level 4

          Not really.

          But you ARE looking for a video card, a card that will provide a video display to a video monitor. You can use a Firewire cable to connecto to DV device that will display on a video monitor.

          AE's preview abilities are limited to your processing power and RAM and your tolerance for compromises in frame rate and resolution. HEre's the information directly from the manual:



          You can preview the contents of your Layer, Footage, or Composition panel on an external video monitor. Previewing on a video monitor requires additional hardware, such as a video capture card or a FireWire port. If you’re using a video card to connect an external video monitor, follow the directions that came with your video card to connect the monitor for viewing previews. If you’re using a FireWire port, first connect a digital camcorder or similar device to the port; then connect the video monitor to the device. For more information on setting up FireWire previews, see the documentation that came with your digital camcorder, VCR, or other device.

          1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Video Preview (Windows) or After Effects > Preferences > Video Preview (Mac OS).
          2. Choose an external device from the Output Device menu. (If a device is available, it’s automatically listed in this menu.)
          3. Choose a mode from the Output Mode menu. The choices listed depend on the device you are using. The Frame Size value that appears under the Output Mode menu is dependent on the value that you select from the Output Mode menu, and is not dependent on any other After Effects settings.
          4. Set any of the following options:
            Displays RAM previews or standard previews on the external monitor only.


            Mirror On Computer Monitor
            Displays RAM previews or standard previews simultaneously on the external monitor and on the computer screen. Using this option may slow down the previews.


            Displays interactive previews—such as dragging in the Timeline panel or dragging in the Composition panel—on the computer screen and simultaneously on the external monitor.


            Displays each frame on the computer screen and simultaneously on the external monitor as the frames render in the render queue.


          5. Select Scale And Letterbox Output To Fit Video Monitor if you are working with image sizes that don’t match your preview device frame size and you want to see the entire image scaled to fit.
            After choosing an output device in the Video Preview preferences, you can preview the current frame on the output device by pressing the forward slash (/) key on the numeric keypad. Press Ctrl+/ (Windows) or Command+/ (Mac OS) to toggle the preference to Desktop Only or to the output device you specified.

          Whether or not color management is enabled for the project, After Effects does not manage the color of previews on an external video monitor. The colors sent to the external video monitor are in the working color space for the project. You can manually enable color management for video previews by nesting your composition and using the Color Profile Converter effect to convert from the working color space for the project to the color space of the video preview device. For more information, see Choose a working color space and enable color management.

          Note: When you are using OpenGL to render previews, the preview shown on the video monitor doesn’t update as you interact with elements of your composition until you have released the mouse at the end of an interaction. (See Preview modes and Viewer Quality preferences.)

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            hippo potumus Level 1

            Sorry but you missed my point...


            I am looking for graphic card that has inbuilt video display driver that works with AE and has ability to display HD video thru HDMI.

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              bogiesan Level 4

              Sorry, but you missed my point.

              There is no product that does that with AE and AE doesn't do that anyway.



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                bogiesan Level 4

                You must add a video card from AJA or Blackmagic. Or you can use a third party proudct like Synthetic Aperture's EchoFire. I don't know if they're still making it, http://www.synthetic-ap.com

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  If I may tag in here...


                  After Effects CS6 WIn 7 etc


                  I am trying to make use of a Blackmagic SDI - Decklink card for previews in AEFX ...and struggling to get a any resulting output.


                  Same card is working perfectly in Premiere CS6 and Da Vinci Resolve.


                  I can not find any preferences / settings apart from Preview .....and one issue already... there is "no option for 1080p 25fps"


                  Anyone got advice or info please..


                  Appreciated in anticipation.


                  BTW - latest BM Drivers installed.

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                    Did you ever get your Blackmagic card to play nice with AE? We have one system running it fine, but the other won't recognize the Blackmagic card.