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    Simple "next" buttons & off stage question


      Hi, just getting myself reaquainted with Flash after not using it since ActionScript 1.0 was around.

      I'm having trouble creating a simple "storybook" for my son. I'm wanting to add a "next" button in the corner of each page to jump to (and play) the next scene. I've tried with frame labels and numbers, been searching online for 2 days but nothing I've found seems to work.

      Can anyone help?


      here is the fla file: http://db.tt/IbZeiv6



      Also, the things I make are for my Android phone and tablet, is there a way I can stop the things off stage from showing?

      for example, I am making it mainly for my tablet, but if I play it on my phone, it has a slightly different aspect ratio so there's white borders at the top & bottom (project has a white background) and if something is slightly off stage it shows over the white background at the top/bottom, is there a way to stop this?


      thanks in advance