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    Questions about Color Luminance

    mike.n03 Level 1

      I've got a few questions about color luminence / perceived brightness (or whatever you want to call it - the attribute that encounters that we percieve yellow hue brighter than blue for example)



      Firstly, which algorithm is used to determine color luminence on this website:



      It looks like, they used none of the following algorithms usually used to calculate luminance:
      (0.2126*R) + (0.7152*G) + (0.0722*B)
      (0.299*R + 0.587*G + 0.114*B)
      sqrt( 0.241*R^2 + 0.691*G^2 + 0.068*B^2 )



      And secondly, is there a tool / program / color sistem that enables you to get colors of the same luminance?

      Say I pick a color - determine RGB values - and the program gives me all the colors around the color wheel with the same luminance but different hues?