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    Creating and using Buttons in InDesign — Help!

    FergyMac Level 3

      InDesign CS5 (V7.0.3), Mac 10.6.8


      I have a 23 page InDesign document. On the bottom left corner I have a button to go to previous page, bottom middle I have a button to go to the table of contents on page 2, bottom right corner I have a button to go to next page. I export to PDF (interactive). When I open the PDF the Go To Next Page is in the middle of the document and the Go To Table of Contents is half-way off the left hand side of the document (the Go To Previous Page is not visible). Any thoughts?


      Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 9.13.20 AM.png  Screen shot 2011-09-06 at 9.13.39 AM.png