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    Linking Word files in RH8

    luviola10 Level 1

      I've been using RH8's ability to link Word files into a project.

      Because I have a project that needs almost constant updating this is a good option. I noticed in RH9 the

      y enhanced this feature, Live Link support for Microsoft Word files. Can anyone explain this enhancement?

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          Piyush_B Adobe Employee

          There are a couple of linking enhancements made in RH 9:


          • When you link a word document in RoboHelp 9, it saves the relative path, instead of the absolute path, of linked documents. So the link between RH and word document is maintained even if you change the location of your word document. This is also applicable for linking FM documents.


          • While linking a document in RH, style properties modified from within Microsoft Word and modified from within RoboHelp can now co-exist. In other words, you can modify the style properties that you want to override in RoboHelp and allow other style properties to be modified in Microsoft Word. RoboHelp 9 maintains two styles sheets to manage the styles of a linked document.