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    Two questions regarding flex development.


      I apologize for the ambiguous title, but the biggest problem I'm having right now is that I don't know what the feature I'm looking for is called.




      I'm new to Flex - I'm transitioning from .NET/C#. I'm tasked with supporting an application built in CF8/Flex 3.2. The application is fairly small, about 12,000 lines of code, but it's a non-linear application that doesn't flow from one distinct page to the next. Instead there are multiple states and multiple views and page transitions are very dependent on the task you're performing.


      Question one:

      Is there a tool that will create a diagram based on the code that shows the paths through the application? What I'm looking for would be similar to an old tool that diagrammed the links between HTML pages to show the possible ways a website could be navigated. Something that would create a flow chart based on the code.


      Question two:

      What is this called? It's incredibly difficult to search for information on a feature/tool if you don't know what to call it.




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          miguel8312 Level 3

          les i dont know of any tool that would do this in flex. however may i suggest

          flashbuilder. Im sure you have heard of it...You can look at the application in design mode and

          continue to work you way through. sorry if this does not answer your question, however im afraid thats the best you are going to get...


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            LesBerg Level 1

            yeah, I can do most of that in Flex Builder as well - a bit of research has turned up the type of tool I need - a code flowcharting tool, but so far I haven't found one for Flex Builder...


            I'll look a while longer, but I'm not going to spend too much time on it. I'll likely spend the time charting it by hand. Not a fun prospect, I have to say...