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    Photoshop Elements 8 - unable to view RAW files



      I have been using Adobe Elements 8 since it came on to the market. I use Canon Cameras and my latest one being a 1Dmkiv.

      When I got the Canon 1D I down loaded the appropriate RAW file I think it was 5.6 and followed the instructions and changed the Camera Raw.8bi file and it worked perfect and I was able to view and edit Raw files.


      Last week my computer failed and I have had a new hard drive and hence have had to upload all my software. I installed Elements 8 back onto the computer and reinstalled the photograph catalogues I had backed up within Elements 8 before the computer crash.


      When the photographs in the catalogues were viewed only JPEG files were visible, the raw files are shown as a a grey negative with a zig zag across them. I thought that I would have to upload again the lates RAW update, which I did and went through all the instructions as given by Adobe. I changed the Raw.8bi file within Elements 8 and I still am unable to view any Raw files within Elements 8. I desperately need access to these files. Any help would be appreciated


      Best regards