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    Urgent Help with pdf generation



        I have gotten great help here in the past and i need some now. I work for a coupon magazine and am running at deadlines. I am having a serious issue with final rip for print ready pdf's.


      When i generate a pdf on a completed document, elements are dissappearing in the created pdf when i proof them. Mostly logo's and pictures. Which are always .tif and .ai and sometimes placed pdf's. It might happen 2 times out of 10.


      - I have been using the same PDF preset ("example.jopbotions" in indesign) for 5 years that was set up with our publication printer Freeport.

      - I have been using CS3 since it came out. 5 different computers are networked with multiple OS's (PC: W7 and XP) nothing has changed.

      - All software updated. And windows.


      So my question is what can i do to fix this or look into it?

      Is it a windows update that started it? I am terrified we will miss some small detail for our clients when i review them after creation

      it's so random it makes no sense! This has never been an issue until like 3-4 months ago after 4+ years