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    Trouble with Natural Language Search

      When I type a normal question in the Search text box (e.g., What are my payment options?), I do not get any results. Yet if I remove the words "What are my" and do a search on "payment options" I get results. I already have a payment options index entry. Why is "What are my" messing up the search results? I thought a person should be able to ask a normal question.
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          Roger N Level 2
          RadBean -

          The Webhelp search tool is not a Natural Language Search. Perhaps you're thinking of Webhelp Pro. It has the NLS.

          Your Webhelp search parses your search string, ignores the common terms, and assumes the rest of the words are required to be part of the topic. It's some compact client-side scripting that loads with a minimum of overhead.

          You can use multiple ORs to widen your search range.
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            RadBean Level 1

            You're right. I am using WebHelp Pro. I just can't seem to get the NLS to work correctly, even using synonym groups and directional synonyms.

            The online help doesn't do a very good job of explaining how to use NLS, either. It would be helpful to understand what WebHelp Pro looks for in the text when someone types in a question. Does it look at key words, groupings of words, etc? I don't understand why adding the words "What are my" reduces the search results.
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              I'm going to bet that you're testing the NLS feature on a project that you generated but did not publish to a RoboEngine server. The NLS feature will not work on a project generated to your local drive; it must be published first. So if you generate your project and then view it, the behavior you describe--questions don't return results, but terms do--will occur. (Actually, it's not a "question" issue; it's the result of entering too many terms into the search field.)

              On the off chance that you're testing the feature from the RoboEngine server, check your RoboEngine search settings. It's possible that they're set too high, which lowers the number of search results.

              To check the engine's search settings:
              1. Open the Configuration Manager.
              2. Open the engine.
              3. Click the Projects icon.
              4. Check the number in the Relevance Threshold field. The higher the number, the fewer search results the engine returns.

              Good luck!
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                RadBean Level 1

                I have actually published the help file to the server and the Relevance Threshold is set to 80%. Any lower and I get a lot of irrelevant results.

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                  So you generated the project, published it to the server, accessed the help system hosted on the server, and still couldn't get the NLS feature to work? If so, I'm stumped--I see the behavior you describe only when I try to use NLS feature without going to the RoboEngine-hosted output. Perhaps someone here will be able to lead you down a better path.