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    imported avi files video choppy, audio okay


      Had to resort to using Dazzle bridge with Pinnacle HD 14 to get D8 tapes captured to laptop. Clips play fine if i just click on them. They are avi files. When I import clips to Premiere (I don't like Pinnacle) the audio is okay but video is choppy - frames keep freezing although the audio continues okay. One of my puzzles is what is the proper project preset for files and folders as sources. Doesn't seem to be addressed anywhere, even in Grisetti's book. Also, presets for importing D8 format tapes is also not addressed. While I was able to import this files to PRE before (the last few weeks) now they won't capture. That's why I resorted to retrying dazzle pinnacle combo in desperation. The bridge works to capture, can import files into PRE but again, the freeze frame problem noted above occurs.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Unfortunately, the Dazzle doesn't interface well with Premiere Elements. It works great with the Pinnacle software that's designed to work with it. But it doesn't produce DV-AVIs, the universal language of PC-based video.


          If you open those AVIs with G-Spot, it will tell us what type of codec those files use.



          Once we know that, we may be able to recommend software for converting it to an editable video.


          Or you can just edit it with Pinnacle's software.


          The best solution though would be to capture any analog video with a DV bridge, a device designed to create DV-AVI files. The FAQs to the right of this forum offer more information.



          You refer in your post to D8 video. If by that you mean Digital8, there is an even simpler solution (assuming you also have a Digital 8 camcorder). But only if you're using Sony Digital8. Regular 8mm and Hi-8 video won't work  with this system.