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    New video tutorial: Using CSS stylesheets with TLF text

    Jay_Armstrong Level 2

      Paul Trani posted a new video to Adobe TV last week titled CSS Stylsheets with TLF Text.


      Here are the basics that it covers:


      The basic requirements are as follows:
           - You need a CSS file that contains your style definitions. (Just a text file with a .css filename extension)
           - An URLLoader instance
           - An URLRequest instance
            - A function that gets called when the COMPLETE event fires from the  URLLoader. This function is where you will apply the style sheet to the  text.
      Here are the basic steps:
           1. Create CSS text file with style definitions
           2. In ActionScript, create an URLLoader instance.
           3. Create an URLRequest instance.
           4. Add an event listener for the URLLoader instance’s Event.COMPLETE event.
           5. In the function that’s called when the COMPLETE event fires, create a new StyleSheet instance.
           6. Call the parseCSS method on the URLLoader data (which contains the stylesheet).
           7. Apply the style sheet to the text instance.
           8. Apply individual styles from the style sheet to the text in the text instance.
      Note that there is a code error in the video at 3:20 that gets  corrected later at 6:55. (The line  css.parseCSS(fl_TextURLRequest_3.data) should be  css.parseCSS(fl_TextLoader_3.data).