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    reusing code

    DZ-015 Level 1

      I have a few functions I've built that I use in almost all my applications. I can save the code as a .AS file... how do I append that to my fla's without having to copy/paste it in each time...?

      I remember in c++ there was a #include command... is there anything like this in flash?

      can you give me an example of how I should code it?

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          cmorrissey Level 1
          Yes, and guess what its ..

          #include "filename.as";
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            So .. you took the time to write this, knowing that you wanted something
            like #include, and didn't even bother looking in the docs to see if there
            WAS a #include? I just tried myself, and typed in "#include" in the search
            box for the help and guess what .. there is the info on #include.

            Please .. try to help yourself first BEFORE wasting other peoples time doing
            what you could have easily done yourself.