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    images in pdf loading one after another?

    idigitaldestiny Community Member

      When i open my pdf catalog and scroll thru the pages, the images load later. I need high res images without the loading time. How is this accomplished?

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          Steven Hauser



          There are couple of ways to proceed. The easiest is to understand some simple things. In simplest terms Acrobat is a program based on logical

          "if... then" statements that scales up to the marvelous tools you use.


          If you have a big file that taxes your operating system, you will get perceptive lag. A good rule of thumb is create big and not limit yourself, then layer

          and reduce the file to small elements after it is perfect. Try to remember printing across all printers is tricky so try and use "process" colors.

          Once you have the photo, determine if it is representative of a concept or needs specific detail. Reduce the resolution and size of the photo

          when appropriate. Several of the Adobe products have save for web and devices, this can reduce your photo nicely without effecting the