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    Adobe CS 5.5 Camera Depth of Field Glitch

    cowboymustache Level 1

      I am getting a strange glitch in the After Effects CS 5.5 Camera. I've isolated it to depth of field effects. I have keyframed the aperture and focus distance at several points. It was working fine, then after 1 last keyframe, I started to get what looks like and intersecting 3d layer and small white pixels appearing randomly throughout the image when I play back the file. The issue seems to be limited to this comp, I have several other comps with animated depth of field in the same project, no issue. I have tried disabling Open GL, purging video and memory cache, changing depth of field settings, reloading the background plate, etc. with no luck. I can make the issue go away by disabling depth of field on the camera....Any suggestions? I just did an hour of work keyframing the focus and it's sort of essential to the shot....