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    Greek and Russian Chars

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      I Have been working for two days now, trying to get greek and russian charachters from a XML to a text field in director.
      According to the help UTF-8 Unicode are supported in the XML parser but it does not seem to be support in the rest of director for it.

      Do i need to remap all the chars and make a new font with Russian/Greek chars on the WestEurope places?
      Why doesnt this just work. How hard can it be for Adobe/MAcromedia to fix this?
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          See the "Director Unicode" thread from 6/30. There was a bit of discussion
          about this already. This has been a consistantly requested feature for
          years and Macromedia never did anything about it. Hopefully the next
          version might have a chance, since it's Adobe now, but who knows when that
          will be? At least Greek and Russian are (relatively) easy to fake with
          standard fonts. An Asian character set like Chinese or Japanese is nearly
          impossible to do in Director at this time.