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    Game FPS drops upon playing for 3 hours


      Description :Hi...I am a game programmer and i have made  a game where there is a character which has to select the right pieces and avoid the wrong ones. the pieces/food come from top, the character jumps and fetches them. Thats why we are keeping a gap between the pieces to avoid the character touching the wrong ones. I have made it in AS3


      Problem : When I win the game and keep re-playing it continuously for more than an hour i notice that the gameplay gets slow(slow FPS). The behavior and movement of the characters become slow. Upon playing for 3 hours the slowness is easily noticeable. This also happens when I minimize the game window or get the focus off the game to some other window for a long time (half an hour or more). The problem doesn't come if I play once or if I lose the game and try again. This comes when I keep playing it for a longer time.


      Please suggest if its a programming end issue or a operating system scheduling problem or Flash related bug, and please help in solving it.