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    bind values - Flex mobile application



      I am newbie in Flex programming, and I have problem with Flex mobile application being developed
      using Flex Builder 4,5 trial edition. I created mobile app as a tabbed application and I don't
      know, how I can store values in textfields during  moving  between tabs. For example

      1 ) I have two tabs and there are some text fields on each
      2)  On tab one I fill values to the text fields
      3 ) I  click on the tab two and here I write values to the text fields too
      4 ) I click back on tab one and text fields doesn't include any values, text fields are empty

      I tried create class for each tab, and here store values for text fields, for example

      on tab one is

      <s:TextInput id="TextName" width="90%" height="60" text="{Employee.Name}"/>


      and class Employee include

      public static var Name:String;


      This solution doesn't work, please, can anybody help me?