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    TextArea border not visible erases all text if heightInLines is NaN


      I am using a TextArea to take advantage of the flexible sizing.

      textArea.heightInLines = NaN;

      textArea.widthInChars = Nan:


      It is also important that the border be suppressed.

      textArea.setStyle("borderVisible", false);



      Unfortunately, while this correctly sizes the textArea, it also wipes out the text!



      This is true if either or both of the flexible sizing options are in effect.


      It did not help to create the textArea as an mxml component instead of doing it in actionscript.


      Is this a bug?  (sure feels like a bug)


      Can anyone suggest a workaround?


      I'm using Flash Builder 4.5.  If there are recent updates or patches I don't know about them, but would happy to apply them.