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    Missing font

    Chris Nierop Level 1

      Starting PPRO 5.5 a message (yello triangle) pops up saying: Adobe designer: Missing font <BellGothicStd-Black> replaced with <courierNewPSMT> several times as an event.

      Anyone j know why PPRO gives this message. Why is it missing?

      Thanks for replying



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          ExactImage Level 3

          Do you actually have BellGothicStd-Black on your system?


          Has this project come from another system with it on?


          We get that on Windows is a Mac editor has used a font not present on Windows.

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            Chris Nierop Level 1

            That's a good question.

            I did import an old (PPRO2.0 made) clip among others made in PPRO 5.5.

            I don't know if there is the specific font on this clip , and if so, if this font is on my present system.

            I assumed that installing PPRO 5.5 there are all the fonts which PPRO use(d) in the PPRO software.

            But it can be that that's not the case.

            But it look strange to me that PPRO uses fonts which are not included, or has to buy this additional (Adobe sells fontbundles).

            I use  a windows related system.. Thanks for the suggestion.


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              ExactImage Level 3

              Premiere Pro can use any font that's installed, not just fonts installed by Adobe, so it's possible the font came from somewhere else and was used at the time without realising it.

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                Chris Nierop Level 1

                That must be so, problem solved. I think loading a new project the "missing" text will diappear.

                Thanks for the help