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    Load external Flash Gallery Problem

      Hi guys
      I am not good with flash, and have just started to use it. I have made a site in flash and left the gallery page till last.

      I have found a free gallery online and am trying to load the gallery.swf file from it to the stage of my main file.

      It works but the file does not play. It will just load the first frame and the images wont come up.

      the way that I am using the loading function is by:
      loadMovie("gallery.swf", galleryLoader);

      galleryLoader is the instance name of my Loader Component found in Flash 8 component panel.

      Someone said to add: galleryLoader.content._lockroot = true;

      But it makes the gallery small I need it to an exact size.

      Been trying to find the right info on this for past 4 days.