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    importing an AE project into another AE project

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      AE CS4 on a Mac


      Whats up everybody.


      I was working on a rough cut in Pre pro.

      1-I did a special effect morph compostion in AE, rendered out a movie and placed it Pre pro instead of doing dynamic link.

      2-I  finished all the editing and COPIED the Pre Pro time line and PASTED into AE, so that i can do work on each clip in AE.

      3-Now that everything is in AE I want to replace the rendered movie with the original AE Project as a precomp.

      4-However, when I FILE IMPORT the morph AE project into the new AE project, in comes in as a folder with all of the various assets, not as a single composition.


      Is it possible to bring in the morph AE Project into the project panel as a compostion and then replace the rendered movie by option dragging from the project window to the highlighted rendered movie in the timelin.


      Hope I explained that cleary,


      Thanks in advance