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    cross browser issues with videos using HTML 5

    f8saysso Level 1

      I have a site that uses XML files and .NET which outputs the content. I've been trying everything under the sun to get some videos to play but in android it barely plays - extremeley choppy and unwatchable. So I have a few questions.


      1. I cannot use an HTML 5 doctype because it is XML files and not straight HTML files. Do I need an HTML5 doctype for just the videos??

      2. I've been using handbrake, fireogg, and Miro video converter for my different formats (mp4, ogg, webm). Does anyone have an opinion on "Easy HTML5 Video" software? I cannot say how well this software is if I can't get my videos to work. And using several peices of software to convert videos is a pita and takes too much time.

      3. My site is a commercial site and I would also like to know what others with a commercial site uses for the flash player (for flash fall back). Seems most players out there is not free for commercial use. **when I say commercial, I do not mean I'm big enough where a profit is returned!**