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    Cannot open multiple PDFs in Adobe Reader X

    Philip Tory Level 1

      Ever since upgrading to Acrobat X, I cannot open multiple PDFs. With all previous versions over recent years, up to version 9, I could select two or more PDF files in Windows Explorer, hit Enter, and it loaded them all. Then I could use Ctrl+F6 or Alt+Tab to switch between the documents. Quick and Easy.


      Now with version X, if I try to load just 2 PDF files, it loads one and then locks up, almost stalling the PC, with each session of Acrobat taking about 40-45% of processor power. There's some kind of conflict going on. I have to use Task Manager to crash out of it.


      This is Adobe Reader X, version 10.1.0 running under MS Windows XP SP3, Pentium 4, 3 GHz, with 3 Gb RAM memory.




      [P.S. As an aside, I don't like this floating toolbar (browser PDF view) that only appears if you happen to move the mouse over the bottom part of the screen. I suppose it's a "neat idea" from one of the programmers trying to be clever. Well guys, it is not user friendly to hide ther controls! As a former Software QA and Product Manager, one of my design adages was "DON'T MAKE ME GUESS". Please think again.]




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          I had the same issue and solved it by turning of Acrobat readers "Protection mode".

          This is found in the general section in the preferences.


          You can google this but as I understand it is a "Sandboxing technology to isolate the application and tightly controlling its resources."

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            Philip Tory Level 1

            Thank you! This works just fine.


            Nice of them to tell us. Programmers trying to be clever, I suppose... But a damned nuisance to every user who wants to open multiple PDF documents from Windows Explorer; i.e. most of us.

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              In my case: v10.1.1 would not open more than one pdf at a time on a user workstation (although mine did) so I tried disabling protected mode and made sure the large image display setting was correct.

              To no avail. Reinstalled version base version 10, checked the same settings...no joy

              Also tried repairing the install and re-updated from the base v10...still no love


              Solution for me: Opened reader X, under Help-->Online Support, there is an option to generate a system report which availed the following:


              Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200


              Check: Not Supported


              And of coarse the most recent driver was already present. Had to go back to v9.4


              All good now. Hope this saves someone a few hours!

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                vibsgupta Level 1

                In Adobe Reader Settings


                Go to "Window" -> "New Window"


                Does that work ?

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                  I am a very unhappy Adobe customer at this moment!


                  These little "security enhancements" have broken a critical production app that runs here daily causing us to have to manually print the documents when we come in in the morning.  As a result the documents are late going out and many, many people people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs.  Can anyone say "lost productivity"!!!!


                  We are STILL after a week of effort, looking for a fix or work around!