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    Speeding Up Metadata Entry

    ExactImage Level 3

      Are there any ways to speed up metadata entry for AVCHD and MXF footage?


      I've got 17 cards in my hands, each card has up to 200 shots on it.   I like to add the card number as the tape name as well as add the scene etc.


      Adding the tape name manually to a couple of thousand shots is tedious at best.   For 5D2 footage I use bridge to highlights all clips, add the tape and scene and rename files (to be unique names) prior to import.  This doesn't seem possible with AVCHD & MXF.


      So, how to add the tape name to all 200ish files per card without doing it one file at a time in the Project window?   Are there any third party plugins that can help with this?   Is this even possible ia the SDK (I'd write it if it doesn't already exist!) ?


      Thoughts?    This is going to take several hours for something that takes only a couple of minutes in Bridge for Canon .mov files and ProRes


      How do 'you' optimise 'your' metadata entry time?

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          You did try to select all the clips, open the Metadata panel, and change any one of the values, right?



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            ExactImage Level 3

            Colin, you are a star!  


            OK - so I look stupid now, but I'd rather look stupid and save lots of time than continue being stupid 'and' wasting time.  I'm so glad I asked!


            I've played with the Metadata panel before and couldn't figure out how to get it to do this..... but somehow this time it worked as expected.   Damn.... thinking about how much time I've wasted!


            THANK YOU SIR!

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              ExactImage Level 3

              .....now, if I can only figure out how to get the AVCHD Shot Time in to the timecode (so we can sort all footage by timecode in to an approx shot order from multiple cameras) I'd be a really happy camper.   Having timecode set to 00:00:00:00 but having a shot time of (say) 08:16:52:00 that I can't transfer is frustrating!  Arrgghh!!!

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                I'm confused. Are you saying you have timecode, or you don't? Or that you want TOD set as timecode--or at least to be sortable?

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                  ExactImage Level 3

                  This camera does not appear to record timecode.   All clips have timecode set to 00:00:00:00, however the dynamic info shows the Shot Time as a valid time and date.


                  While we could sort on the Shot Time, the other camera has time code, but not Shot Time in the metadata panel.  So, they are mutually exclusive in terms of sorting on the time of day the clips were shot.


                  It would be nice to get either one of them to have entries for all cameras, rather than some havin timecode and others having shot time, but neither having both. 


                  I'm really not worried about being frame accurate, we use PluralEyes for syncing when we're all shooting the same thing, but being within at least a few minutes of the correct time lets us sort things chronologically from several different camera operators.  It makes it easy to find things like a person arriving in a car outside, walking in the front door, arriving at the ceremony room.   Without timecode (or at least an indication of time) we have to go digging through potentially hundreds of clips looking for this sequence taken on different cameras.


                  Hopefully that makse sense?

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    I'm following you. Is the other camera a consumer model, hence no TC?

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                      ExactImage Level 3

                      Yes.  It's the Canon HF-G10.   It's a great little camera, good for being descreet, hiding out of the way etc as a b-roll camera.  It's got the same chip as the bigger XF-100 but records AVCHD to SDHC rather than MPEG2 4:2:2 to Compact Flash as the XF-100 does.   It's also only 40% of the cost!

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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        Well, since you don't have timecode that you're trying to preserve, you could take the MTS files out of the structure and batch rename them. I don't care for Bridge too much, but it will work fine for this purpose: just use the Date/Time:Date File Modified option in the Batch Rename panel, and specify one of the HH:MM:SS options. You can format as you like, but this would let you create filenames that you could easily sort. You'd probably want to do this with both cameras (the order should be preserved, so timecode is largely irrelevant), and then in Premiere Pro you could sort on Name and have all your clips in a semblance of order. This, of course, means that you set up and synced the internal clocks on both cameras


                        Lemme think some more...

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                          ExactImage Level 3

                          This would work great for AVCHD, but alas the MXF files from the XF100 are buried one per folder (along with 3 other files in each folder).  Extracting these files first, in order to rename them would in itself be a PITA.


                          I think I may need to get my compilers out again and write me some utilities....