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    Need best practice to deploy similar content to multiple clients with specific skins/images


      Hello, my name is Bernadette. When I was with a previous employer for several years I created WebHelp using RoboHelp 8. Then, the last two years I worked there I transitioned to MadCap Flare again creating WebHelp. I have been with a new employer two years now, using RoboHelp again. However, this company still has us creating HTML Help only. My manager has just assigned me to create and launch our first WebHelp project. Currently, we have RoboHelp 8, with a P.O. in process to purchase version 9 hopefully very soon. However, I cannot wait and have just started the project using version 8.  Since it's been a few years, I am a tad rusty in my use of RoboHelp/WebHelp. For this first project, I have been asked to customize the skin for EACH client that transitions to the new proprietary application. My question is, since it is likely that the contents of the completed WebHelp project will be identical (with the exception of the customized customer-specific skins, logos and window images) is there a creative, timesaving method for rolling out primarily the same content to each customer WITHOUT the need for me to maintain numerous, individual WebHelp projects?  I so appreciate any input or suggestions. Thank you!