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    Problems with Premire Pro CS5.5 and Intensity Pro card for playback


      I have just installed Pr Pro 5.5 on a Mac Pro but playback will not work properly through my Intensity Pro PCI card (which I use to output to a broadcast monitor via HDMI).


      In Pr 5.5 I find it is possible to select 'Blackmagic Capture' in a new project, and also 'Blackmagic Playback' in Preferences, but in 'Playback Settings' the Blackmagic option isn't there - just 'DV' or 'None'.


      Video in the prewiew window (on the left) plays out through the Intensity, but video WILL NOT play from the timeline. Sound is OK.


      I am new to Premier having bought it to use along with F.C.P.7 which is on the same Mac. FCP playback through the Intensity card always worked fine and still does!


      Can anyone help?!


      My Mac is running 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. I also have instaled the latest driver version of Blackmagic Desktop Video.