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    Missing sections on P2 import from internal vs external hardrives


      I have 2 folders of P2 card media delivered to me backed up onto an external USB2 hard drive. I wanted to make sure we had a back up of the back ups so I copied both of the folders onto an internal media drive.


      Now, when I look at the folders using Media Browser the media on the external USB2 drive shows two long clips in each folder, one an hour long and the other 53 minutes. Great!


      I took the external drive offline and again using Media Browser I looked at the two folders I had copied to the internal hard drive and both the long clips had been reduced to about 3 minutes in length!


      There is no missing media, I compared the folders on both the internal and external drives and they have EXCATLY the same byte size and EXCATLY the same folder structure and hierarchy!


      When I checked the metadata both the truncated clips and the full length clips have the same Media End points but have different Media Start points!


      Since all the media is there in indentical folder structure and hierarchy and byte for byte in size, what's going on between the P2 stuff backed up onto the external USB drive from the original P2 cards and the back up of the back up I made onto the internal drive?


      I'm guessing it must be something to do with metadata? But what and how???


      I'm running PremierePro CS5 under Windows 7, 8GB RAM on an HP xw4400 workstation.


      Many thanks.


      PS. I asked an editor using Media Composer 5.5 on a Mac under Snow Leopard about this and he replicated it on his machine! Seemed to be the same length of clips missing!!!