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    ImageReady Rollers Converted in FW?

    tis_herself Level 1

      Having to update a site that hasn't been touch in years and when I made the rollovers, I used ImageReady.


      Made my text changes in PShop CS5 but since there's no ImageReady to switch to, trying to figure out how to do this in Fireworks. Have spent the past hour and am getting nowhere.


      Here's the glitch: I can get all of my PShop layers into FW but trying to create states by turning layers on + off doesn't seem to be working.


      The text that was typeface in Photoshop seems to be coming into FW as outline and there doesn't seem to be a way to add effects such as drop shadows, etc.


      Basically, it's a hot mess and I need help!!!

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          You'll need to create them from scratch in Fireworks because the method for making rollovers in Photoshop and Image Ready is incompatible with the way they are done in Firewoks. They are really easy to do, however. Have a look at section on creating a basic navigation menu in the Fireworks help files.

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            tis_herself Level 1

            I abandoned the cause but am now back working on this ... not understanding how to do this in Fireworks. I have a Photoshop CS5 file with 18 layers as part of a map that I need to be able to interact with user when cursor is moved over different areas of the map.


            I USED to be able to build in PS, go to ImageReady to create rollovers then export the whole thing as HTML.


            How do I get the same end product now that ImageReady is no longer in the picture?


            Any help is appreciated!