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    Keyboard Customization Quirk

    TJImbroDC Level 1

      I apologize if this has already been posted.  I searched around and couldn't find much beyong customizing keyboard basics.


      I'm attempting to learn as many of the PP default shortcuts as possible.   However, one shortcut that I really have to change is the  next/previous edit buttons.  They default map to Page Up/Down.  I  created a custom layout and mapped the keys to the Up/Down arrows (as in  FCP7).  When I click in the program monitor the shortcuts work fine.   However, clicking in an active timeline (Sequence window) and toggling  the Up/Down arrow results in scrolling the timeline. 

      The strange thing is that when I load the FCP7 default keyboard in PP I  can activate the timeline and use the remapped Next/Prev edit buttons  fine.  This makes me think that somehow I need to disable to up and down  arrows for scrolling in the timeline.  I searched all through the  custom keyboard settings and couldn't find anything. 

      Any solutions out there?  Clearly, Adobe figured it out and worked it  into the FCP7 Layout Preset.  What am I missing in my custom setup?


      Thanks for the help.



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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          It's possible to set multiple commands to a single key; the difference in what they do depends on which panel is active at the time. Ordinarily, Premiere Pro will notify you (in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog) when you assign a command to a key that already has another assignment; this isn't the case in all scenarios, like the one you described.


          The upshot is that you need to search out the assigned shortcut and replace it, or if you know the name, just search for it. Try searching for "screen" which should reveal some commands for the Timeline panel (I'm assuming you're using CS5.5, but if on CS5 just go their manually). Change or remove those, and you should be in business.

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            TJImbroDC Level 1

            Thanks for the help.  That did the trick.  The problem I had was that I was only searching the "Application" menu within the keyboard shortcuts.  The path to correct this was: Keyboard Shortcuts - Panels - Timeline Panel - and then disablling "Show Next Screen" and "Show Previous Screen."  Which shared the "Up" and "Down" keys.