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    for (k=0; k<fontN.length; k++){

    Ron Colmen Level 2

      There are 6 buttons and If this code is the only code in the fla why isn't the trace showing results? How can I make trace (fontN[k]) show which button I clicked??



      var fontN:Array = [Tx_btn1, Tx_btn2, Tx_btn3, Tx_btn4, Tx_btn5, Tx_btn6]; //buttons

      var fontF:Array = [format1, format2, format3, format4, format5, format6];




      for (k=0; k<fontN.length; k++){


      fontN[k].onRelease = function() {

      trace (fontN[k]) // it allways shows '_level0.Tx_btn6'


      trace (fontF[this.ivar]) // 'undefined'