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    Flash 8 - How do i make a sound occur when the car hits the item


      In the car game i am working on, I now got a point system set up so the car hits different

      items and the points rise but i want the sound clip i have downloaded to play when the car hits

      the items..


      http://thebackyardchampion.deviantart.com/#/d48zgkl - Game link so far - but not published the point system yet.


      Anyway Please don't provide to straght forward advice such as "copy this code (code here)" etc


      Please can you provide the code i need, the MC car is called 'car 1', the MC items have different names

      such as g1, t1, pt1, pb1 and shine.

      Please tell me where i need to place the soundwave in the firstplace (or leave it in the library.)

      Whether i need to click the car or the item and paste it in frame 1 etc?


      Over all, all layers have a total of 3 frames. 1 key frame i believe and the other two are normal frames.


      Please helps..