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    Do a basic call in as2 with scorm 2004 using flash template


      I can;t seem to get any calls working within flash. This is in as2 but needs to work with scrom2004. I have published using the scorm 2004 template, and all the needed files (including the manifest) are there


      The init command works

      fscommand("SCOInitialize", "");


      but any get or set commands do not I have tried tons, including


      fscommand("SCOGetValue", "cmi._version,ver");
      fscommand("SCOGetValue", "cmi._version:ver2");

      ExternalInterface.call("SCOGetValue", "cmi._version"))


      I am just trying a simple example, getting the version variable. both are null when outputted


      Any ideas how to get a simple value