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    Text disappear after pasting

    RenéG Level 3

      In InDesign CS3, when I copy and paste a whole page (Text and images) from one document to another, the text boxes are there but the text isn't (the "+" shows, i.e. text overflow); everything else is fine.


      I moved the text boxes on a layer above, but it is still showing empty.


      How do you fix that?

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          hoosker Level 1

          When you say empty do you mean there is really no text or just that it is not visible. Use story editor to see if there is really any text there.


          Just a thought... the text you are pasting has a style applied to it and a style of the same name exists in the document you are pasing into. The pasted text takes on new attributes which make the text not show up in the text box...??

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            RenéG Level 3

            OK, thanks for your answer.


            Yes, there is text there but it's not visible.


            For some reasons, in the new document, the background image was set to "Wrap Around bounding Box"; I set it to "No Text Wrap" and the text re-appeared.


            (I gave you points for "helpfull answer :-) )