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    Premiere CSS 5.5 lost or don't reconnect some render files

    Jérôme Gardes



      I am a switcher user from final cut 7.


      I've a big problem. Premiere Pro CSS 5.5 lost or certainly don't reconnect some renders files of my sequence. When i close the project and reopen it, ok no problem, all files previously generate are reconnected. But if i quit the application and reopen premiere and load the project, some render files (alway the sames) are not reconnected. Premiere don't ask to me to reconnect this files !!! But, in the sequence, the time line is red where files are missing, and i need to recompute thems ;-( .


      But i'm sure  that this files are in the 'adobe premiere pro preview files' directory !! Somebody have experimented this problem ???



      I use Premiere with MACPRO 2x2.93 (12 cores)  / 24 Go RAM / Decklink HD EXTREME / NVIDIA QUADRO 4000

      I work with Balckmagic preset : '10 bits with Blackmagic equipment.High Definition 1080 line, 25 fps video (16:9 interlaced).48kHz 16 bit audio'

      and I set the preview files for rendering in  apple ProRes 422


      Thanks for precious help !


      (excuse my engish, i'm french...)



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          Jérôme Gardes Level 1

          I find an issue.


          I think that is a bug. The build-in effect 'effet de lumière' (perhaps 'lightening spot effect'  in the english version of software) cause a problem with the reconnection of rendering files. I tryed some over effects needed rendering (red time line)  and no problems.


          I am frustrated by this problem because I lost a lot of time because I thought there was a software or hardware problem.


          Try this... apply this effect, quit premiere and reload project and you lost the rendering in the sequence....