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    Contribute Deployment Service & IE8

    wbmansell Level 1

      We have the CPS & CDS set up for multiple users...  each of whom get authenticated via our LDAP server.


      We've noticed for a while that any version of IE newer than version 6 does not work with the CDS.  With IE8, for example, you can log into the CDS no problem but when you go to look at a site's list of files to be deployed, the iframe that normally displays the files ready to deploy errors out.


      The same thing happens with IE7...  not sure about 9.


      The wierd thing is that all versions of Firefox, Safari and Opera all work just fine with the iframe coding.


      I've done a ton of searching but can't seem to figure out what the issue could be.  The iframe code is trying to load the file deployer changes (via the XML code) via a CFM page via a secure website URL (https).


      Any hints as to what I should look at would be greatly appreciated.