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    Quickly creating links to all folder files


      Working on a webpage with a table, long list of data files and descriptive metadata.  Have folders with data files in them that need to be linked to.


      The data folder/files are within the website.  In the past with a older webpage design application, to create links to all the files in a folder, selected all the files and mouse drag to table cell - instant links (perform a search-and-replace - gets rid of the path, but left the file name with file type extension (.pdf, .z01, .doc, etc.)


      With Dreamweaver, tried selecting or copying all the files in a folder and dragging into a table, only the first or last file is linked and no file extension. Drag/copy one file to the table cell makes a link with the file name, but no extension.


      Need a quick method to create individual links to all the files within a folder.

      Need to keep the file extension visible in the table.


      I searched the forums and application help, but didn't see any specific procedure on creating links instantly to all the files within a folder.  Individually yes, though the file extensions are missing and I see nothing in "Preferenes" on keeping file extensions visible.  Probably something very simple, but its been years since the DW coures, and up to now rarely if ever used it.



      I appreciate any help,