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    Pararagraphs styles stopped working in ID CS5.5

    Jaselle Michelle83

      I created a book in indesign with 20 documents and was about to add one more when the software just stopped working.  It refused to close therefore I initiated the task manager and was able to eventually shut down the computer.


      When I restarted the program all the paragraph styles were gone. I had created them in the first doc. and loaded into the new documents as were needed. I have restarted the program several times to no avail. I can add new styles and base them on the old styles which are listed in that dialog box, but neither the old nor the new styles show up on the paragraphs palette when selected. Additionally I have adjusted the preferences, tried creating new documents apart from the book and the new styles dont show their either.


      Finally the last thing I noticed is that the the bottom menu options of the palette are not there (create new, delete style etc) but the drop down menu at the top right works.


      I have had this program for literally 3 months (purchased June 6) and use it for work but not regularly. I use a HP probook 4520s/ windows 7 operating system.


      I hope someone can help.



      Jaselle Michelle